Achieve Healthy Growth of Angelfish

The word baby sounds very sweet and its arrival is also filled with sweetness. As soon as the baby comes into one’s world, there only starts a pleasurable experience. Getting a life ready inside you, bringing it to the world and then nurturing it, involve lot of content, bliss and pleasure. The same feeling is shared by all living organisms. Unlike in the case of angelfish fry, two people nurture it, first one, its mother and the second one, the fish-keeper.

Angelfish are known for their friendly behavior and they perfectly suit any tank. Fish-keepers all over the world find it easy to keep them and breed them. Preserving angelfish fry is bit tricky but with proper knowledge, this task can also be converted into a playful experience. When the most arduous job of breeding was simple for you then raising the angelfish cannot be difficult. You just need to keep in mind their bare necessities, such as the quality of food and water, their water tank and proper lights, and they will be satiated.

Similar to other parents, angelfish are also very responsible parents and they will also support you in raising them up. Normally, the fry absorbs the yolk sac completely in about three days; it takes such long as the yolk sac is very heavy which becomes a hindrance for them while swimming. The mother works by taking care of the wriggling and unstable fry and keeps all the fry in just one place.

As they grow up or days exceed, many things need to be changed and the most important of them is water. At initial stages you must have put the eggs in methyl blue but now you will have to change the half of the water daily. The only reason behind this is, whenever the fry gets partially independent and they start swimming, the water should be very clear for them. The water is also changed on a daily basis to make it free from viral and bacterial infections. The eggs which could not get fertilized or became viscous should be immediately removed to avoid growth of fungi.

With the proper water conditions, their dietary habits also have to be taken care of. As experts say, fry should be fed on baby brine shrimps as it contains lots of nutrients necessary for them. In the initial staged, the fry should be fed 4 to 12 times a day and gradually as weeks pass this can be reduced. Be very careful with the quantity of food you provide them, angelfish fry tend to consume more sometimes.

On the 8th day, a few necessary changes can be made. The fry can be shifted to a new water tank. Don’t change the feeding habits and keep changing the water regularly. After sometime, many changes can be seen such as their resemblance to their mothers, their size. You can separate the larger ones. All this makes you a fish expert, it was not difficult, rather it was quite interesting.

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