About Common Fish Diseases

Most of the people really like to have goldfish in their tanks. It is the charming beauty and agility in the motion which make it a loving creature and different from a hundred and thousands of various fish species. But there a severe problem with gold-fish in aquarium and that is, if you keep him for a longer period in the tank, it is probable that he will get ill at some time. There might be a good number of possible diseases which affect him. Although for most of the cases, just maintaining quality of the water is enough to overcome troubles but some specific kinds and situations need clarifications. Four of the most common diseases of them are discussed as under:

1. Constipation Problems.

it is the most seen problem with a gold-fish. We can’t say that just goldfish experience this disease; it is common with almost all type of fish. Like people suffer from it, gold fish feel constipation when you feed him too much at a single time. The rule is simple to be understood and is more eating, more problems. So the best way to keep your fish away from this tension creating disease is to feed less. Never ever overfeed your fish especially goldfish. And eventually if it’s facing the problem right now, just give him a piece of green pea. This will shortly give him a relief and he will no more feel tensed.

2. The Troubles Of Fin Rot.

Like constipation, this problem of fin root is also common in goldfish. You can easily figure this illness out in your fish. As the name of the disease defines the symptoms, you will find the fins and tail of your fish shrinking and rotting away. The edges of fish fin get darker (black) and get bloody in this type of ailment. Gold fish don’t like this disease and get tensed. It might be fatal in severe cases. Observations have revealed that injured goldfish or the ones with weak immune system are most prone to this disease. The reason behind for cause is the bacteria in water. The only way to solution when your fish suffer from it is the use of antibiotics. It may be a bit costly but your fish will recover soon.

3. The Disorder of Swim Bladder.

We usually stuck with amaze to see the balance of fish in the water. Nature has gifted them with a swim bladder. Air is filled in this bladder and this is the organ in them which helps them in maintaining balance and amazes us with their agility. A disorder can occur to this important organ. If it happens it can be judged by inability of the fish to swim up and down to the bottom of the aquarium. He will prefer staying at one position or one level and will avoid swimming up and down. Improper diet is mostly the basic reason which causes this problem to him. He may be a victim of bladder disorder due to various diseases, infections especially bacterial and due to parasites also. This problem could only be treated if one treats dropsy well. Dropsy is also a disease and mostly affiliated with organs disorder. It is discussed as under.

4. The Fatal Disease of Dropsy.

From all of the above three mentioned diseases that may happen to goldfish, dropsy is the most severe one. This infection disease can result in the failure of the organs. This is mostly caused due to infections. When goldfish gets this disease, his scales will be raised up and swell abnormally. This disease has been proved fatal in most of the past cases.

A good range of antibiotics is available in market and with fish stores that are quite helpful against this disease.

This is just an addition to those who know fish before. For the beginners it is an advice that they should have a profound knowledge of this delicate matter. Internet surfing will provide ample information about the good keeping of fish especially gold-fish.

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