A Child’s First Goldfish Pets

Goldfish make the best pets when your children are looking for their first pet. Goldfish pets are great for teaching daily responsibilities, and the time and cost involved in caring for them is very minimal.

Are you ready for your new goldfish pets?

You should have a tank that is at least 10 gallons in size. Make sure that you have filled it with water the day before you go to purchase your goldfish. This will give the minerals and chlorine in the water time to evaporate and the water will be just the right temperature. While you will not need a heater for your tank, you should have the proper filter assembly to keep your tank clean.

How Do I How to Buy Goldfish?

When you are at the pet store and you are looking at the goldfish in the tanks, you should be looking for the liveliest ones in the bunch. As goldfish are typically very active, a lethargic fish is probably a sick fish. The pet store owner should know enough to scoop the fish out or catch them by hand. Using a net can damage the protective coat (slime) on the fish. Finally, the pet store owner should be full of information about what to feed goldfish.

Does My Tank Need a Lid with a Light?

No, it is not always necessary to purchase a lid for your tank. However, if you have no light set up over your tank, you should place it nearby to a window so that your fish will get lots of natural sunlight. This will help to keep their colors bright. You will need to put something over your tank to keep your goldfish pets from jumping out. You can use a loosely folded piece of aluminum foil to accomplish this.

You may also wish to put some sand or gravel in the bottom of your tank to make it look nice, as well as place a few decorations or plants in the tank for your goldfish to hide or play in. Just be careful not to crowd your aquarium with so much stuff that your goldfish has no room to swim.

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