A Big Tank For a Big Fish!

Unlike maintaining cats and dogs, fishes are viewed as one of the easiest pets to keep. Most of the time, dogs needs a large backyard to exercise and play. With fishes as pets, a nice corner with just about two meters of space is sufficient enough to have an aquarium that would help you relax each time you look at it. You are not obliged to train your fish like what most people would do with their pet dogs. You just need to do occasional cleaning and you can keep your aquarium anywhere you want it.

Discus Fish taken out of their natural habitat will literally need a fish tank where they can continue on living. The aquarium you have will be the home of your Discus Fish for most of its life unless you own a private flowing river near your abode. So you have to supply a home that will be beneficial for both its reproduction and living in its once usual life.

There are two things you need to consider when you want to own a Discus Fish. First, take note of your fish’ swimming habits as the depth of your tank may be one factor to consider. Usually, an 18-inches deep tank will be sufficient enough for your fish. Almost all experts on Discus Fish agree that for every fish, the ideal volume of water is 10 gallons.

Before you buy your fish tank, you should first consider the surface area that will best maximize your aquarium. Usually, rectangular tanks are mostly favored as the best choice. The surface area of your tank is as important as carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange happen in its surface. Use a tank that can carry 75 gallons of water if you own 3-4 Discus fish. You can also add a filter to aid in the filtration and aeration of your fish tank.

Large tanks are necessary as this does not only make your discus fish grow big but it can also help them grow faster. So starting on a small tank then later on shifting to bigger ones may be pointless as you would only spend much more in such a short span of time. Small tanks would do nothing more but stress your discus fish. However, if your tank is too large, putting young discus fish in it would not only arrest their growth but can make them overly restless.

If you have enough of a budget to buy two tanks, this would be advisable if you would later decide to breed your own fish. The small tanks you have can be use to grow your young fish which in the end can also be use as a tank for breeding.

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