8 Top Aquarium Fish Species for Starters

Here are in my opinion top 8 aquarium fish species that are recommended for starters. They won’t cause you a lot of trouble if you provide them with a basic level of care and love.

Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) Size: 1-1.3 inch (5cm)

Active in the middle and top area of the aquarium, likes to school. He can be kept in water with temperature between 64 – 73 F (18 – 25 C), your ph should be neutral (7)

Harlequin Rasbora(Rasbora Hetoromorpha) Size: up to 1 inch (4.5 cm)

Need to be kept in group ( preferably 10 or more), temperature 24-30 C, range of ph 5,5-7. The tank need to be well planted. Very active fish.

White cloud mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) Size: about 3-4cm (1inch)

You don’t need a heater to keep this fish, it can survive in water temperature of few degrees Celsius above zero. Recommended is 17-22 C ( 62-71 F).

Sumatra Barb (Puntius anchisporus) Size: 1.5 inch ( 6cm)

Very active fish, require a large space to swim but the tank should also be well planted

Likes to school, shouldn’t be together with fish that have long fins.

Requires: Temperature 23-26 C (73-79 F), ph 6-7.

Albino paleatus catfish (Corydoras paleatus) Size: 1.8 inch max (7cm)

One of many members of corydoras family. Likes to search the surface of your aquarium for food so you shouldn’t have sharp gravel. My advice is to have a group of 6 or more of these.

Temperature 18-24 (64-75 F) ph – 7

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) Size: male 1inch (4cm) female 1.5 inch (6cm)

Popular fish for beginners, can take a lot and reproduces easily

Preferred temperature is 22-27 degrees (71-80 F) ph-7.

There are many colour variants of this fish, generally males are characterised by colorful fin, females are olive-gray.

Rainbowfish family Size: up to 3 inches (12cm)

Group of fish that are a little bigger than the ones presented above, but they are peaceful fellas. Optimal temperature varies between particular species but generally it is a range of 22- 27 C (71-80 F), ph 6.5-8.

Neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) Size: 0.25-1 inch (1-4cm)

This fish presents great in big shoal, minimum size of the group should be 10. In smaller ones neons become very shy. Water temp 22-25 (71-76 F),ph in range of 5-7.

Stay tune more on other aquarium fish species very very soon.

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