75 Gallon Aquarium – Buying Considerations

A 75 gallon aquarium is a wonderful addition to have in your home as long as you have the space to have it installed.  It is worthwhile actually spending time doing some research into keeping an aquarium in good condition to provide a healthy environment for the fish and marine life you will be keeping in it, before you make your purchase.


There are certain things that one needs to learn about and understand when it comes to keeping fish in your aquarium before you go and buy one.  Below we offer some facts about owning a 75 gallon aquarium and which will help  you to determine if purchasing this size of aquarium is right for you or not.


Things To Know About Owning A 75 Gallon Aquarium


Fact 1 – Having a 75 gallon aquarium you will find it much easier to keep the ambient temperature within the tank at a more uniformed level than if you were to have a 20 or 50 gallon one.  This is because you are able to keep the chemical composition within the tank’s water in check much easier, and so offers the right environment for good bacteria and algae to grow in it, which are beneficial to the fish and marine life you have in yours.


Fact 2 – You have the opportunity of keeping as many as 75 (1 inch) fish in your 75 gallon aquarium.  Remember for every gallon of water in an aquarium you have the opportunity of keeping fish that grow to no more than one inch in length.  Keep this in mind when you are considering purchasing any additional aquatic life to go into your tank.


Fact 3 – You may think that you need to get rid of all bacteria growth in your aquarium, but this is not the case as you should allow some to grow along the side of the filter as well as on the tank’s sides.  It is this bacterium which will help the water to retain its purity .  One should therefore never wash the aquarium’s filters under a running tap as this will only get rid of bacterium which is useful, but instead you should just wash them in the aquarium itself.


Fact 4 – You need to be aware that you will have to regularly change the water and replenish with clean in a 75 gallon aquarium.  This helps to remove a lot of the solid waste that accumulates in the tank and which the filtration system cannot remove and so improve the overall appearance of it.


Fact 5 – It is important that you don’t over feed the fish and other marine life in your aquarium.  What you should do is only provide them with sufficient food that once they have fed there is very little left in the tank.  If you provide too much feed this will only increase the amount of waste that accumulates in your aquarium and which can prove detrimental to the health of the fish and other marine life in the tank.


75 Gallon Aquarium – Before You Buy


It is really a good idea if you spend some time carrying out a little research into the various different kinds of aquariums that you can purchase.  Although most people do go for glass aquariums because of the cost, it is worth considering purchasing one made from acrylic instead.


It is also important that you get hold of a good guide with regards to how to set up your 75 gallon aquarium correctly before you buy.  If you don’t set up yours properly, then the chances of your creating the ideal environment in which fish like Zebra and Tangs  with other forms of marine life, is going to be that much more difficult to achieve.

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