7 Tips For Great Tropical Fish Tanks

Below, I list 7 great tips that will surely make your tropical fish tanks look/run better!

1. Plant well

Make sure that you have lots of plants in your aquarium, your tank will be much more beautiful and also keep in mind that most fish like well planted environment as it reminds them their natural habitat.

2. Enough lighting

If you are going to have a lot of plants in your tank it is good to have a good lighting and by good i mean good quality bulbs as well as high amount of Watts for highly planted aquariums it is recommended to have a min of 0.5 W per Liter.

You might need to buy a special cover that can place more bulbs, or enhance one you already have ( lots of DYI projects on web, check google).

3. Add roots, caves.

Its nice to vary your inside decorations things like caves, roots or stones may be helpful. They look nice and may provide a hideout for your more shy fish

4. Make sure that your fish have same water preferences

Make sure that you complete your fish cast wisely. Look at the requirements of each fish specie things to look at are water temperature, PH and GH/KH ( water hardness) if they don’t match you shouldn’t drop them into the same tank otherwise one of them will probably be sick or even die.

5. Get a shrimp

Fish are fun but you can keep other water animals inside your aquarium how cool is that huh? Shrimps are great they are pretty and in addition they will filter your water and gravel!

6. Make sure you are over filtered

In the topic of filtration make sure that you have a filter that exceed your tanks need for it. It is good to keep that slight over filtration because than you can be sure that your water will be clean and free of unwanted bacteria.

There is an old mantra in the aquaristic world: “its always better to be over filtered than under filtered.”

7. Don’t put in funny decoration

Lastly decorations are ok and if you choose something that actually exists in rivers/lakes where tropical fish lives it should present really nice but don’t be silly with things like skulls, boats, blue gravel (sic!) etc.

Good luck with your tropical fish tanks!

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