7 Quick Tips For a Stable Betta Aquarium

This aquarium is your little finned friend’s whole world! It’s his only home!

So, keeping it stable and viable is key to the health and well-being of your fish and plants.

Here are 7 quick tips on how to keep your new tank in best possible condition and make your life easier so your fish will stay with you for years to come:

1. Get your aquarium at least a week before bringing the Betta fish home. You will need to “condition” the tank which means to establish the right biological balance.

2. Smaller water changes are better for your Betta, unless there is a critical situation with its health. 25% water change is much easier and less stressful for your little finned friend.

3. If you keep half of the filter media during your water changes, the delicate biological balance will be easier to maintain.

4. Do not use soap or detergent in your aquarium or use it for anything that might come in contact with the aquarium or your Betta fish.

5. If you would like to use your own rocks or pebbles (found in a river, for example), boil them for an hour before adding to the tank. If you do not, bacteria found on them would likely cause your fish to die. Washing them vigorously and rinsing will not be enough.

6. Test your aquarium’s water levels every week for the right pH and ammonia levels. This is really a must!

7. Get a power strip for your aquarium. It’s best to buy one that is not only waterproof, but also protects against electrical surges. You will have several things to plug in, just as you would with your home computer.

Happy Betta keeping!

– Mischa Hill

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