7 Practical Cichlid Care Tips

Their unique patterns and vivid colors catch every attention. It is for this reason that cichlids are very much eye-turners. Wanting to have one for yourself is not bad at all; you just have to make sure you know proper cichlid care. Taking care of these fish species is not too much of a problem. After all, they are very easy to care for.

It’s a good thing that there is so much information regarding cichlid care. Here is a practical guide that can help you start:

1. Use plastic plants to decorate your tank. Most cichlid species like to dig so they can uproot and destroy live plants. It is better and more practical to switch to plastic plants in this regard.

2. Try your best to mimic the natural habitat of the cichlid specie you have. The water condition, temperature and setup matters to cichlids. Generally, cichlids prefer water that has 7.5 PH or a little higher. Also, be sensitive enough to have rock setups. Most cichlid species live in rocky waters so they would appreciate such decorations.

3. Cichlids are generally sociable. Two cichlids might get bored ad unhappy. So, make sure that they are at least a group of three in the tank. However, be careful in mixing them with other species. There are aggressive cichlid species that would not be too ideal with other “neighbors”. Double-check on these things before buying the cichlid of your choice.

4. In case you want to breed your cichlids, take the time to ensure that your female is well-fed and healthy. She would have little food during the breeding period as cichlids are mouthbrooders. They keep their eggs inside their mouth until the fry is hatched.

5. Basically, cichlids are not hard to feed. But, this does not mean that you feed them anything that you should get your hand on. You see, cichlids eat non-stop. They do not know how to control their diet so they usually get sick because of serious bloating. The best thing to do is to feed them frequently but in small quantities. Doing so makes them feel satisfied. Also, try to have variations in their food.

6. Get a good filter. Most fish owners, in general, forget that tank filters are the lifesavers of their pet fishes. Using one that is cheap but highly unreliable will just put your fishes in jeopardy. Remember that filters are very helpful in oxidizing the water which cichlids and all other fishes need.

7. Don’t forget the basics. You need to have the tank cleaned on regular periods. The water must also be changed every now and then. Also, give a piece of your heart to your pets. You will find that they will reciprocate your feelings in their own way.

Cichlids are a popular choice for a lot of people. But, remember that taking care of them also entails some responsibilities. Embrace the tasks along with the fished and you’ll surely do fine. Other than this, enjoy your time with them.

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