6 Important Koi Care Tips

For koi lovers around the world, proper koi care is very important in keeping these wonderful creatures swimming in your outdoor ponds. Maintaining a koi pond in your backyard is often one of the most fulfilling achievements that you can be proud of. You might be spending hours and hours simply watching your koi swim and play in your pond. While these fish may do well in man-made habitats, you as the pond owner should take the necessary steps to ensure that the koi will thrive for more than thirty-five years.

Proper pond size

Creating a perfect habitat for your koi basically needs careful planning and consideration. A well planned koi pond will save plenty of hours of rework because of some problems that might come up due to your own carelessness and lack of proper knowledge and information. Make your own research before making purchase materials for your pond. Just remember that the larger the pond the better it will be for the koi since these creatures is known to grow so fast.

Water quality for the koi

The water quality of your pond is one of the most crucial conditions in pond care. Koi do require fresh and quality water in their habitat more than food. Koi won’t die of starvation for a few weeks without receiving food but they will die overnight if the water is contaminated. So, proper filtration and pump system should be installed in the pond to give maximum protection to the koi.

Maintain proper water temperature

Koi fish thrive mostly in waters ranging from 61 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Although koi can withstand the cold, necessary measures should be undertaken to prevent your pond from freezing. In cod weather koi usually stay at the bottom of the pond and hibernate. Installing a pond heater can help in maintaining the accurate temperature required to keep your koi healthy and free from any koi diseases.

Proper nutrition

You should provide your koi with foods rich in proteins so that they will be able to shield themselves from infections so that they will grow up healthy and of the right size and proportions. Aside from giving utmost care to your koi, you need to provide care for the plants as well since they also serve as foods for your pets.

Develop relationship with your pet

Koi lovers usually recommend that you hand feed your pet with lettuce, watermelons and pellets to build a good relationship with them. Koi normally gather around the person feeding them, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to observe the overall condition of the koi.

Be wary of predators

You have to protect your koi from predators such as raccoons, kingfisher, herons, cats, foxes and other animals that will endanger the lives of the koi. Excellent care must be undertaken to protect your pets from these potential dangers if you are truly sincere about koi care.

Koi are often hard and expensive to acquire that is why you as the pond owner must provide adequate care and protection that these koi basically need to keep them healthy and thriving in your pond for several more years.

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