5 Tips For Buying A Betta Fish Tank And Accessories

You would think that buying a betta fish tank, should be as easy as walking into a pet store, grabbing one off the shelf and heading back home.

It can almost be that easy if you take into consideration how many fish you are going to have, the size of the tank, where you are going to place it, what type of fish toys you are going to have and will you be traveling with your fish.

Tip 1 Size

If you are going to have just one fish in your tank, I would suggest getting a 2 gallon tank. You can expect this type of tank to be about 10 inches long, 7 inches wide and 9 inches tall. Of course you could get a 2 gallon betta fish bowl, a 2 gallon wine glass shaped aquarium or some other shaped tank.

If you are going to have many fish, such as 5 female bettas, in your tank, you will need to consider a 25 to 30 gallon tank (5 gallons per fish). The size of that aquarium would be around 15 inches long x 12 inches wide x 10 inches tall.

Once again, there are many types of tanks available in many different sizes, but this will give you some idea of a 5 gallon tank size.

A good rule of thumb for numerous fish in a tank is get 5 gallons per fish.

Tip 2 Placement of the Aquarium

Bettas are tropical fish and the area of the world they come from is sunny and hot.

But, bettas do not do well when their tank is placed in an area that will have direct sunlight all day.

Sunshine all day could raise the temperature of their water to a point where it would be unhealthy for the fish. The constant movement of the water and the sun glare seems to make bettas disoriented and they either stop swimming or swim in crazy patterns.

The best place for your betta tank would be on an inside wall, where there would be plenty of indirect sunlight.

Don’t place your tank on a wall with mirrors. A male betta will think he has another male in the tank and will spend most of his time trying to kill the other male betta.

This will cause him to constantly be in motion to the point that he will die of exhaustion; or he will be attacking the sides of the tank, which could easily cause him harm.

Tape a magazine picture of flowers or trees on the back of the aquarium to give him a colorful background to look at.

Tip 3 Tanks For Traveling

If you are going to be traveling with your betta, in a car, truck or RV, a smaller, plastic aquarium is what I would suggest.

When we traveled with our betta, we used a small portable tank that measured 7 inches long X 5 inches wide X 6 inches tall. This was not the ideal size for him, but he traveled for 3 years in it and survived all the trips. I would not recommend traveling with more than one fish in a tank that size.

Tip 4 Tank Toys For Your Betta

A betta in a tank that has only water in it, is a very sad thing to see. Can you imagine being in a bowl all day with nothing to hide under, nothing colorful to see for stimulation and nothing else moving.

Your betta tank should include some things that will make life more enjoyable for your fish. A few river rocks placed on top of each other will provide a nice hidy-hole, where he can get away from it all. Colored gravel on the bottom will provide more stimulation and a few betta plants will add interest for your fish.

Tip 5 Water Conditioner

In most areas, water that comes from your tap, will not be suitable for your betta to live in. There are usually chemicals like chlorine and ammonia that need to be taken out or neutralized before it is safe for a fish.

A good first step is to fill a water container and leave it overnight to get rid of the chlorine, then a good quality water conditioner should go into the water before adding it to your tank.

Most of the stress of buying a betta fish tank can be eliminated if you just give consideration to a few things, how many fish you are going to have, the size of the tank, where you are going to place it, what type of fish toys you are going to have and if you will be traveling with your fish. You will enjoy your lovely new betta for years to come, in the perfect aquarium you have selected, if you just give it a little thought ahead of time.

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