5 Tips For a Great Saltwater Aquarium Set Up and Avoiding a Massive Headache

A saltwater aquarium set up is not a difficult thing to do if you plan everything out at the beginning. Even though it is not that difficult a thing to do, there are still many things that can go wrong and really create a massive migraine. This article will give you five very helpful tips to try and avoid an unexpected trip to either the medicine cabinet or the pharmacy.

The first tip is to plan everything out ahead of time. This includes taking all of the important measurements around the space that you are going to use for the aquarium tank. Keep in mind that you will need a space that has plenty of room to get in and do basic maintenance jobs such as water changes and filter changes.

Tip number two is to then plan out what you are going to keep inside the tank. You need to choose fish which are compatible with each other in all aspects. Research whether they can live together, or will one end up as the dinner main course for the other. They should have the same feeding, lighting and water temperature requirements. Any live plants that you might want to keep must also have these same requirements. It really does make things easier.

Tip three is to go and purchase all of your equipment together so that you have everything ready when you are at the stage of setting everything up. This includes a sturdy base to keep the tank on. Remember that a large tank filled with water weighs hundreds of pounds. Imagine the headache you will have then if the base fails and everything comes crashing down. That might mean more than a trip to the pharmacy.

Tip number four starts the fun stuff. Set up your base and then put the CLEAN tank on it. If you are going to use a background, then you can place it in there now. Also, you can install the under gravel filter. Install any lift tubes that you may need and then you can put in the gravel. After that, you can install the pumps and heaters. Fill the tank with water and get ready for the fish. Well, NO! Your tank is not ready for them yet.

Tip five. You must run the filters and do what is called “cycling the tank”. This basically means that the filter system is not ready yet to get rid of all the nasty stuff you fish will produce. All of the chemical levels in the water must be perfect or your fish could die. Cycling the tank allows the production of the proper amounts of good bacteria to form and process what is needed so your levels of nitrite and nitrate are correct. Be patient, because this can take up to a month to accomplish.

So there you have it. Five tips on avoiding a possible large headache. Don’t forget that saltwater fish can be really expensive, sometimes up to six hundred dollars. Oh no, it died and that is six hundred down the drain, literally. Plan ahead and don’t rush anything when doing your saltwater aquarium set up.

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