5 Simple Steps To Teach Kids Fishing

My friends are always asking me what the secret behind my fishing skill is. You know there is no simple answer because now it’s almost my habit. I started joining my father for fishing since I was 4 years old. My dad taught me how to start fishing and what to do to get fish hooked, so to speak. Start early might be the biggest secret for my excellent skill in fishing.

I found that the main problem to most of my friends that they don’t even know the basics of fishing. And, this is because their father didn’t initiate their training on how to fish when they were young. I noticed my dad did something different while teaching us fishing that made the difference.

I’m sharing you few tips to teach your kid fishing.

1. You should get kids in a fishing boat at a very young age. Pay attention to your kid’s safety and answer their questions. Remember you are here to teach fishing to your kids. So, encourage them.

2. Take your kid to a place where they can catch many fishes easily. You should select a place where your kid can get couple of fishes within 10 to 12 minutes because small child’s patience is very short. Remember quality does not matter for your kid but quantities do matter for young angler.

3. Cheer your kids for every fish they catch. Take picture, video of them in action and make a big deal out of it. Teach him how to clean the fish with a table knife. Once your kid sees the connection from catching to cleaning to cooking, he will be hooked with fishing. Kid need to feel the excitement of fishing.

4. Once your kid is familiar with fishing, take him with you while you go for fishing. Teach him the importance of patience in fishing. Involve them in cleaning and cutting of fishes.

5. Fishing in summer is very tough. You should not take your kid for fishing in blistering summer when there is no cloud, wind and you can’t even touch the fiber glass cover because its to hot. Fishing on summer days, really stretched the “fun” part of fishing, and it certainly not the time to have any young children with you. Hence, you should start to teach fishing when the environment is cool and comfortable and gradually expose them in more challenging environment like hot summer or very cold weather.

6. Once your child is familiar with fishing, present him “his own” rod and reel, tackle box, and fishing hat.

You should teach your kids on how to fish. Your kids will learn their lesson on fishing by just copying you so take them with you whenever and wherever possible.

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