5 Secrets How to Grow Large Goldfishes

Do you have an outdoor pond and want to keep fishes that look big and magnificent? Or do you want to show off to your friends how healthy and large your goldfishes look? If you do, then you would want to have goldfishes that look large, plump and heavy. Here are 5 secrets how to grow large gold fishes!

1. Feed your gold fishes white bread

To get your gold fishes looking large and plump, you should feed your fishes pieces of white bread. This is because white bread contains a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates which will make your fish fat and plumpy. White bread also increases their growth hormone which significantly speed up the growth and length of your fish.

2. Place your fishes in a large pond or aquarium

For gold fishes to grow bigger and stronger, they must have a large aquarium to swim around. This is because the larger the aquarium, the more room they can grow and the larger the muscles they can have. If you have a smaller aquarium, fishes tend to grow smaller and weaker because they don’t exercise as much and hence have a smaller fish body bulk and frame.

3. Strong filtered pump water

Healthy big fishes need a healthy big environment. Therefore, if you want bigger fish, than you should have very clean and healthy fresh water. So when setting up your aquarium or pond, you have to make sure the pump and filter that you are using is of the highest quality. Otherwise, a dirty or inefficient pump and filter will make the fish unhealthy, sick and small. A clean water environment will help promote fish health and large body frame.

4. Place a lot of water plants

In your pond or aquarium, you should place as many water plants as possible. This is because the water plants acts as an obstacle course for the fishes which help exercise their muscles. Also, by putting more plants in, they have more food sources that they can eat. The more food they eat, the more bigger and fatter they will get.

5. Feed your fishes 3 times a day

You should feed your fishes at least 3 times a day. Basically, this is the maximum what gold fishes can eat in one day. Anymore, they can die of over feeding and obesity. The feeding of your gold fishes of three times a day is a safe maximum.

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