5 Reasons to Have a Fish As a Pet

Having a pet is awesome. It makes you smile, laugh, move around, and relax knowing you have company. But sometimes domesticating an animal can be a hassle. You can to feed it, give it a bath, walk it, and even clean after it. Most common pets people have are dogs and cats. There has been allergic reactions reported all because patients have these creatures living with them. They can even be rabid enough and could cause life-threatening harm than good. That’s why having a pet fish if far more well than having a four-legged creature roaming around your living space.

1. Take note that hairy animals like dogs and cat leave of fur around the house that can cause allergic reactions to those with sensitive respiratory system. You’ll be regretting you had these kinds of pets. Plus the fact that they have the tendency to chew or scratch off any fabric they come across. They’ll be doing more harm than good if that’s the case. A pet fish, on the other hand, doesn’t possess any harmful threats at all. It just swims gracefully around it’s tank, making makes that makes kids and kids at heart smile and stare at its beauty.

2. A pet fish is far more practical compared to having a dog or cat. You don’t have to walk it, clean after it, or even give it bath. All you have to do is feed it twice a day and clean its tank twice a month. While having a dog or cat takes a lot of effort and time to take care of. Plus it even gets rabid when not taken care properly. This is not advisable especially those who want to start a family. Kids have sensitive lungs and exposure to common allergen such as these kinds of pets is never advisable.

3. Dogs and cats often makes disturbing noises since this is the only they can communicate. Sometimes they bark or howl for no apparent reason. Maybe because they can heighten senses but this disrupts the peace and serenity. A pet fish doesn’t make any noise, on the other hand. Although some air pumps or filters may cause vibrating sounds, this could easily be taken care of.

4. Another reason why you should have a fish is they are “holiday friendly”. Whenever you are planning to go vacation, you may easily leave your fish behind and install a automatic or slow-release feeder. You also might want to ask a friend to stop by to check the filter, heater, and of course, you fish if it’s doing O.K. Having a feline or canine can be hassle since you have to leave it with a sitter or have a boarding kennel.

5. Having a pet fish is extremely cheap. You don’t have to spend much to buy one or two. With just a few dollars, you can have the most gorgeous, graceful, and attractive fish you can ever have. Although setting up an aquarium might cost a little, but the expense doesn’t still level off compared buying a dog with a good pedigree.

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