4 Betta Fish Care Tips

Betta fish are one of the coolest fresh water fish you could purchase. You can find them in so many different colors and breeds. This article will be discussing the importance of Betta fish care and the techniques used to care for them. Enjoy.

When you first purchase a Beta, you must figure out a safe way to transport it back to your home. Unfortunately, this is the step that so many people do incorrectly. They walk out to their care, put the Beta in the trunk, and drive home. What do you think is going to happen here? This is a very common reason for Betta’s dying before they even arrive at their new home. Don’t be one of these people. Take the time to care for them properly by keeping them up front with you. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to keep them healthy and happy when you are in the picture.

The tank setup will be the next step you will be participating in. A good tank will be at least five gallons, and free of any dangerous material. A big mistake that people make all the time is to just throw their Beta in a fish bowl. Here’s the problem. Betta fish are from a large tropical climate. They are used to water temperatures that are well up into the high 90’s. So, if you just put them in a fish bowl, you will essentially be sacrificing their lives. They won’t last more than a month in most cases.

There are some accessories that you must purchase to ensure that your pet fish is happy and living a long life. A water heater is the first thing that you should get. Since these fish are from tropical climates, you must keep the water temperature for Betta fish around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are exposed to cooler temperatures for a long period of time, they will most likely die an early death.

Plants and rocks can be a great addition to any fish tank. If you decide to get your own plants, be sure to look for the most environmentally friendly plants. This will keep Betta diseases at a minimum. When you are using rocks, keep in mind that you will want to wash them at least every 2-3 weeks. Again, you don’t want your Beta fish dying from a disease.

Food is obviously important as well. However, many people over feed their fish. Did you know that Beta fish can live up to several weeks without eating? I would not recommend that you discover this for yourself. But I would recommend that you keep their food intake low. Feeding them every two days is the best way to go about it.

The tips above will help you ensure that your pet Betta live a long and happy life. I hope that you have the best of luck with your new found friend.

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