3 Tips on How to Acclimatize Fish to Your Tropical Aquarium

Whoever has a Tropical fish tank will always be in search of adding new fish to their tanks. Here are three tips which will make the job easier for you:

1. The Drip Approach

This approach is suitable for most of the tropical fish because they cannot withstand sudden changes in pH and other chemical and physical changes in the water.

In this method, you set up a small tank with the help of a bucket, suction cup, tubes and clips. You will connect the tube from the large tank to the smaller one and allow the water to be mixed. This way there will be gradual changes in the properties and composition of water and after the fish start behaving normally you can put them in your tropical fish tank. For tropical fish the process takes a few hours longer as they have slow acclimatization process.

2. The Floating Bag Approach

The most commonly used method is the floating bag approach. You will be required to just out the bag that you brought from the pet shop to be immersed into the tropical fish tank. When you leave the pet shop go straight to your home because if you leave the fish to stay longer in that bag, ammonia will start polluting the water. Another technique could be to mix small amounts of the aquarium water with the water in the bag. This will allow slight changes in the temperature and other factors that affect the tropical fish. After an hour you can put the fish into the aquarium with the help of a small fish net.

3. The Bucket Approach

This approach is similar to the floating bag method. But in this one you place the bag in a bucket and spill out one fourth the amount of water. You are going to replace that amount with equal amount from the aquarium. Make sure that the bucket you use is clean or otherwise you might be risking your fish’s health.

When you use acclimatization methods, your fish get more comfortable in your tropical fish aquarium.

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