3 Things You Must Know About Goldfish Illnesses

Goldfish illnesses are often caused because of poor caring for the goldfish. Fortunately, if properly cared for a goldfish can live for a very long time. Most aquarium goldfishes can live for more than a decade, and pond goldfishes even more then 2 decades with the proper care. There is a report of a goldfish that lived for 43 years.

Too bad most of the goldfishes don’t live that long. Sooner or later the fish will face one of the many goldfish illnesses and if the illness is not recognized at time the goldfish will most likely die.

It can even get worse, if you don’t find out what caused the illness, the other wish in the tank will have a chance to get the same illness too.

Here’s a list of 3 things you must know about goldfish illnesses.

1.) Goldfish illnesses are mainly caused by improper caring for a the fish. It’s always said that preventing is better than curing.

So my first advice is to prevent the diseases. This is the best done with good water maintaining, to have always good water quality. Most of the illnesses are caused by bad water quality.

You need to change until 25% of the water every week, and every 2 weeks you need to clean the whole tank. Make sure when you change the water that the new water has the same temperature as the normal tank water, otherwise you can stress your fish which can cause illnesses as well.

2.) Feeding your fish the right way.

Don’t overfeed your fish, if your fish doesn’t eat all the food you give them in 2 minutes than remove the rest of the food if it’s floating on the surface, if you don’t remove it you can overfeed them what can cause illnesses.

If they do eat all within 2 minutes, try to give them a little bit more the next time, after a couple of times you will know exactly how much food they need.

Also don’t give your fish only flaked goldfish food, try to give them also some vegetables and live foods like brine shrimp, Daphnia, wax worms. All these are most often available in every pet store.

3.) Recognizing goldfish illnesses.

With the two steps above you can prevent most of the goldfish illnesses. Unfortunately it’s still possible your goldfish will face an illness.

Therefore it’s necessary that you know how to recognize illnesses, and how to treat them.

If you see strange things on your fish what you haven’t seen before, or your fish rubs itself on objects or the fins look strange there’s a chance your fish is sick.

You now need to find out what the illnesses is and what the cause of the illness is. Most of the times it has something to do with the water quality. But it can also be a new fish you put in the tank, the temperature of the water, the lights you’re using or something else.

If you want your fish to live healthy and long lives I recommend to learn how to care goldfish [http://www.goldfishes-care.info], I also recommend to read about the 3 most common
http://www.squidoo.com/goldfishillnesses”>goldfish illnesses.