3 Steps to Light Your Freshwater Fish Aquarium

If your freshwater fish aquarium does not have enough light provided to it, it will surely be a lifeless aquarium. Lights will not only improve the view of the aquarium but affect the environment of the aquarium too. Here are a few tips that will help you in selecting the best light for your freshwater fish aquarium.

Step 1:

When you are buying the aquarium, you have the option of getting all the other things with it which are light, filter, heater etc. but if you choose to buy them on your own, you will freedom of choosing what you want for your aquarium. So you can choose any sort of lights that you like.

Step 2:

This stage is about choosing the light bulbs. You will need to have 3 watts of lighting for one gallon of water. Live plants need more light than artificial ones because they have to carry out photosynthesis. Many fish are fine with lower levels of light. If you have very bright light, it will result in algal growth. You can choose from a variety of fluorescent or daylight bulbs. The lighting depends upon the size of tank and the number of fish and plants you have in your freshwater fish aquarium.

Step 3:

Regulate the water temperature. The light should not be too bright because he fish won’t be too comfortable with it. It should be good enough for you to see the fish. if your freshwater fish aquarium has live plants then it will need around 12 hours of lighting. But if it does not have live plants, then the lighting time can be minimized to 6 to 12 hours.

Now you can easily select the right type of bulb for your freshwater fish aquarium. When you have installed the lighting system, turn it off when the fish go to sleep.

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