3 Steps to Light Your Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Lighting will improve the view of your aquarium along with enhancing the living conditions for fish.

Step 1: You have two options: either the full tank setup that includes the lights and heater or to purchase the lights separately. If you buy all the tank components separately then you’ll be able to make a good custom freshwater fish aquarium. In case of custom building of tanks, you can select, yourselves, the lights that you want in the aquarium.

Step 2: Selecting the right wattage for light bulbs. You need to have around 2-3 watts of lighting per every gallon of water in the freshwater fish aquarium. Plastic plants require lower levels of lighting in comparison to live plants. Live plants need more light because of different biological processes they have to carry out such as photosynthesis. Most fish are more comfortable with lower levels of light. Brighter lights cause rapid algae growth. You can opt either for incandescent (fluorescent) or full spectrum daylight bulbs. As, the plants need this light for photosynthesis so remember to keep this light suitable and sufficient for your requirements.

Step 3: Maintain the lighting temperature that can help the fish and the plants survive well. The lighting temperature should be such that it helps keeping algae from growing. If you have a few natural plants in your aquarium then you will need a minimum of 10-12 hours of lighting. But, if there is only fish in your freshwater fish aquarium then you need lighting for a minimal of 6-12 hours.

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