3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Keeping an aquarium clean is one of the basic requirements about the hobby of having pet fish. Unfortunately this is where most people fail, and it results not just in an ugly aquarium but also unhealthy health as far as your fish are concerned. Follow these basic routines to keep your fish happy, and to keep your aquarium beautiful.

1. The daily routine

You need to do a few basic things every single day if you want to keep your fish tank really clean. Monitor the temperature level inside the tank, and take care to see to it that it remains constant. Tropic fishes need around 77 degrees heat, and any more will encourage algae to grow. If you notice that one of your fish is looking unhealthy, transfer it to another tank or bowl. Also make sure that the filter and the pump are functioning at all times.

2. The weekly routine

Once a week, you need to look out for waste floating on the surface, and clean out the waste on the bottom as well. a siphon tube is a simple means to do this. No doubt you will remove some water along the way, and be sure to replace the missing quantity immediately. Check the chemical level and add the required amount of chlorine. You could also check out the levels of nitrate and ammonia at this time. Do take the time to look after any live plants you have kept in the aquarium. When they get a little too big they require trimming just as gardens do. Take away any sick and dead leaves on the plants as well. If you see new sprouts, secure them into the gravel. Also check for snails in your tank. If you find any, use a lettuce leaf to remove them. Simply float the leaf on the surface of water and sooner or later the snails will settle on it – use a net to take them out along with the leaf.

3. The monthly routine

You need to change the water at least partially once in a month. Using a siphon, remove about twenty five percent of the water. Make sure the chemical levels never rise too high as this can kill the fish. Clean out the filter once in a month, and you can change the filter cartridge at this time. Do not over clean the filter – it houses friendly bacteria that help keep your fish tank clean. Clean the surfaces free of algae, and if you notice excess algae, consider investing in an algae eater. Note that excess heat causes quicker algae growth. So if your tank is under sunlight for a good part of the day, consider relocating it to another spot to reduce the growth rate of algae.

Following this routine will ensure your tank remains beautiful, and your fish remain healthy.

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