3 Most Important Discus Information Tips

Having a pet fish in your home can be quite rewarding since aside from the fact that fish are adorable and easy to care for, they also help create a more vibrant and lively aura in the room.

If you are a fish enthusiast or you simply just want to have a fish for a pet, then perhaps you might wish to get a discus fish. These tropical fish are simply fascinating with their unique diamond shaped flat bodies as well as their exquisite colors that seem to glow under water. But before heading out to the pet store and get one, you must first learn discus information so that you’ll have an idea on how to take care of them.

Suitable environment

You may learn by reading a guidebook that if you get a discus for a pet, you need to set up a place for it to live. Getting a simple aquarium filled with water is not enough as you need to have a more conducive environment for the discus as this will serve as its habitat.

Depending on the number of fish you wish to have as well as the allocated space in your house, it would be great if you could buy a big fish tank or aquarium so that the fish will have lots of room to swim in. Plus, you can also put other tank ornaments like water plants and pebbles. You also need to consider getting tank filters that will help keep the water clean so that the living conditions for the discus remains healthy.

Most information that you’ll find will include details about the water temperature for the fish. Since these fish are used to the tropics, they survive best when the water is warm. When filling up the aquarium, use a thermometer to gauge the temperature.

Make sure that it is about 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of about 6.5. You can also place some underwater plants to help filter out the bacteria and increase the oxygen levels in the water. Likewise, the plants can also be a great place for the discus fish to hide when threatened.

Feeding requirements

Discus information also includes feeding requirements for the discus fish. Like all living things, they also need sustenance in order to survive. While, when in their natural environment, they eat tropical plants and algae, living in a controlled habitat may make it more difficult for them to fend for themselves.

You can help by placing some tropical plants that they usually chew on as some of these are available in pet stores. But the more recommended thing to do is to provide them with fish food like dried flakes. These things are easily found in pet stores and contain essential vitamins and nutrients that will help nourish the discus.

Finding companions

Perhaps one important tip is that you need to know is about finding mates or companions for your pet discus. These fish are not hostile creatures. In fact, they are able to live well with other types of tropical fish.

However, getting bigger fish than the discus might become a problem as the bright colors from discus skin may attract the attention from the bigger fish and they may end up bothering the discus. It would be better to get fish like the neon tetras and the rams.

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