3 Common Approaches to Acclimate Fish to Your Tropical Fish Tank

Acclimating fish in your newly set up tropical fish tank is an important and at times, a difficult job. But here I will give you three most effective ways to acclimate your fish.

1. Using a Drip

To carry out this kind of acclimatization, you need to have a bucket, some veggie trimmers and a suction pump. You also need a strong and a long air pump tubing that reaches out to the bucket from tropical fish tank. Start by placing one end of the tubing into veggie clipper and the put the clipper in the aquarium. Now take the suction cup and put the other end into the bag inside the bucket. If you want to control the drip arte then you can also use C-clamps. If you have to perform this kind of acclimatization for freshwater tropical fish then you need to do it for at least an hour, before putting the fish in your aquarium.

2. Using a floating bag

It is the most common and easy approach for acclimating your fish. This is, also, a very easy way to do it. What you have to do is to take out about one fourth of water from the container, in which fish presently are, and replace that amount with the water from the aquarium. You have to do it after every 10 minutes till next two hours. Next step will be to use a net and take them out of container and into the tropical fish tank.

3. Using a bucket

This method is also very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that instead of placing the fish container in the aquarium and getting fish acclimatized, you’ll have to use the bucket. You just have to open the bag and take out some water, about one fourth, and replace it with water in the bucket. There won’t be any need to put the whole container or the bag inside the aquarium. You will be using the aquarium’s water in the bucket to put your fish in, for getting them used to that water. Afterwards, just transfer the fish to aquarium directly.

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