3 Common Approaches For Acclimating Tropical Fish to Your Aquarium

There are three common approaches or methods in acclimating your tropical fish in a recently set-up aquarium. These approaches are:

1.The Drip Approach

2.The Floating Bag Approach

3.The Bucket Approach

1. The Drip Approach

This technique is suggested for most saltwater tropical fish and invertebrates because they may be intolerable to extreme level of pH, specific density as well as other waste chemical changes.

To execute this technique, get a bucket, veggie trimmers with a suction cup in order to secure the tube in the aquarium as well as strong air pump tubing that is properly long to drag out from your fish tank to the bucket. Place one end of the tubing into the veggie clipper and then position the clipper into the aquarium tank. Grab the suction cup and place the other end of the tube into the bag inside the bucket. You need to do this using slow drip going. Try for drips from time to time. If you are experiencing some problems when using the knot to control the drip rate, any type of strong clippers can do the job. C-clamps or Vise-grips or are great as well.

The length of this drip approach should be based on your acclimation. If you are applying this method for most freshwater tropical fish, you need to be doing it not less than an hour or so prior to putting the fish to your aquarium tank. In case you are doing this process on saltwater tropical fish, you need to take 2 to 3 hours for the fulfill acclimation.

2. The Floating Bag Approach

The Floating Bag Approach is just about the most common acclimation method that functions well. You simply need to be very meticulous when suspending the bag filled with unknown water in your fish tank. Preferably, you are suspending the bag in a prior set-up quarantine tank but, sorry to say, most beginning hobbyist don’t use a quarantine fish tank. Once you’ve been in the hobby for a while and experience any type of fish problems you will soon have sufficient knowledge as well as realize the essence of a simple quarantine aquarium tank.

When you leave the pet store you would like to go right home to avoid build up of ammonia in the plastic bag or container, when the fish get rid of wastes in such limited amount of water. When you’re home, open the container and take out about one fourth of the water from the bag. Change this water with the same volume of water from your aquarium tank. Float the container in the fish tank and put through the shade opening on the open end of the container to help it to become safe. After ten minutes, add about one cup of your aquarium water to the bag. Repeat this procedure for about one to two hours. Next, make use of a small fish net to get them out of the container and slowly put the fish into the aquarium.

3. The Bucket Approach

The Bucket Method is practically just like floating bag method, nevertheless instead of floating the bag in the fish tank, you are placing the bag inside a clean bucket. This technique is better compared to the floating method because its not necessary to become anxious about any of the bag water adding to the aquarium. Open up the bag and eliminate about one fourth of the water. Change this water with exactly the same amount of water from the aquarium.

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