3 Bizarre Aquarium Fish – How To Create An Exotic Fish Tank

There are certain fish that just add to any aquarium. There are some bizarre fish in the aquarium land that are gorgeous to own, but you have to know how to care for them. Some of them require specific instructions.

Sailfin mollies are beautiful creatures with metallic colors. The males are blue-green with orange and black fins. The female sailfin mollies are have bluish grey fins. These fish are characterized by their long and high dorsal fins.

Aquarium conditions: Sailfin mollies enjoy warm water. The temperature should be between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH between 7.5 and 8.2. You should have many plants in the aquarium because these bizarre fish enjoy plant life. You should also regularly add salt to the water to promote the growth algae because these are omnivorous creatures.

Feeding: These bizarre fish will eat live bait, but enjoy vegetables as well. You can add some zucchini, peas or spinach to their tanks. You can leave algae in the tank because the sailfin mollies will eat it.

African lungfish are another group of bizarre fish people might want to own. They are generally bottom dwellers and in their natural habitat, feed on animals from the bottom of the sea such as mussels, small fish and worms. When you first buy your African lungfish, it may just be a few inches to a foot long. These fish can grow up to 10 feet, so make sure you have a big enough tank.

Aquarium conditions: These fish like quiet and dim areas. They are commonly found in the Zaire River basin, so try to emulate that type of environment. The water should be around 75 degrees and have fresh mud in the tank. It can thrive in different water conditions, but try to keep it constant. Keep fish that need the same environment with the African lungfish for optimal results.

Feeding: These fish tend to prey on other small animals. You should feed it worms or lean meats. You can also give it beef heart.

Piranhas aren’t everyone’s favorite fish. They are well known for biting its prey with its razor sharp teeth. They are an interesting fish to own, though, if you are looking for bizarre fish. If you are just starting out in the fish world, don’t get piranhas. They might bite your hand if you are not careful. Also, try not to have too many other fish with your piranha. They can be very aggressive fish and territorial.

Aquarium conditions: Piranhas are found in the Amazon and need to have warm water to thrive. Keep the tank around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You need a heater and a thermometer to keep track of the water. Be careful not to overheat the tank because if it gets too hot it can result in oxygen deprivation. The other thing about piranhas is that you need to clean the tank often. These bizarre fish are messy. You need a good filter to keep the water from getting toxic.

Feeding: Piranhas will eat just about anything. It’s important to give the piranhas a varied diet. Most frozen fish foods are good for piranhas. They also eat vegetables. You should try to give piranhas different foods to eat to try to make their contained environment feel as much as the natural environment as possible. Piranhas only need to be fed once a day.

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