Month: November 2019

5 Tips on Designing an Aquarium For Fish

You need to design a proper aquarium for fish. You should aim to provide them with the environment as close to nature as possible as the fish are more comfortable in their natural environment. In this article you will find tips about how to keep your aquarium as natural as possible. Tip 1: You should […]

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7 Parasites That Can Harm Your Tropical Fish

Fish that have parasites are highly contagious and must be separated from the other fish in your aquarium. The infected fish must be treated and the fish tank they were in must be thoroughly disinfected. Some of the more common parasites that can affect your tropical fish are: 1. Fish lice: These lice attach to […]

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6 Tips on Choosing the Right Koi For Your Pond

If you lurk around the koi chat rooms and forums as I do you pick up a lot of information from people who are just getting started in the world of koi. These soon to be koi addicts are searching for answers and yet don’t have the direct experience of koi culture. The number one […]

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