Month: September 2019

A 5 Gallon Aquarium Can Look Great

A 5 gallon aquarium is a great way to get started in what can turn into a really great hobby in the future.  There are plenty of places online where you can get a complete 5 gallon aquarium starter kit.  These consist of a tank made from solid acrylic or glass, an agent to dechlorinate […]

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5 Simple Steps To Teach Kids Fishing

My friends are always asking me what the secret behind my fishing skill is. You know there is no simple answer because now it’s almost my habit. I started joining my father for fishing since I was 4 years old. My dad taught me how to start fishing and what to do to get fish […]

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6 Steps to Setting Up Your Freshwater Aquarium

As a fellow fish hobbyist, I understand the desire to want to have an aquarium at home. Although they can be beautiful, relaxing and therapeutic, they can be a lot of work. I am writing this article to share with you, my 6 step process to freshwater aquarium setup that will be easy to maintain […]

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