Month: June 2019

8 Tips For Breeding Betta Fish

General info on betta breeding Before betta breeding it is important to under stand the basics. In the world of betta splendens, the males are the ones who will look after the eggs and young. The males do this by building a nest out of bubbles. His spit is on the bubbles which acts like […]

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A Berlin Or Coralife Protein Skimmer, Which Is Right For You?

If you’re still undecided about getting a Berlin Protein Skimmer or not, then you should probably benefit from additional information. Although most aquarists say just how important the device is in maintaining a stable environment in your aquarium, you might not be really aware of what a Berlin Skimmer does. The answer is pretty simple. […]

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5 Tips for Your Goldfish Aquarium Maintenance

Hobbies are of many sorts but the ones which give you a chance to look into nature are extremely pleasurable. Looking after fish aquariums is one such kind of a hobby. However, it is not easy to look after the fish and other aquatic life that you have kept in your aquarium. For this you […]

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