2 Tetra Fish Types – How To Take Care Of Them

Tetra is a freshwater fish which is very popular for aquariums. Brightly coloured by nature they are to be found living in tropical regions. These freshwater are members of the Characidae family of fish. There are a number of varieties of the Tetra fish family to be found, including the Anostomidae. This type of fish was caught off the lands of the Central and South American regions, and is also known as Headstanders. This type of fish is best kept in isolation, as it is not good with other fish in a communal tank. so if you have a tetra fish in your tank already, do not add others to it.

1. Anostomus-Anostomus

These fish are called the Striped Anostomus, which live in South America; they can grow to a size of 6 inches. Their bodies are cylindrical in shape and they have long, pointed snouts. They also have straight lines, and also circular ends that are both equivalent in their size. There are gold and black stripes which transverse, whilst the caudal fins have red dots at the tops and bottoms. These colours extend so that the fish lobes are neutral in comparison. This fish also can be found swimming with the head suspended downwards like the other Anostomidae breeds. If the fish darts forwards suddenly, the head does immediately stand erect. Ideally, the Anostomus-Anostomus like to live with other larger fish. They feed on lettuce, frozen foods and other things. Water conditions need not be specific but the temperature should be kept at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Further studies are yet to be done, to determine how this type of fish breeds or sexes as this is still not clear.

The Chilodus Punctatus are found in North to South America are more commonly known as the Pearl Headstander or the Spotted Headstander. They grow to a size of 3 1/2 inches. You can recognise a Chilodus Punctatus by a body of grey and green colours which are offset by rows of brown speck marks. From a 45 degree angle horizontally, this fish has a tendency to hang its head down. Known to be a peaceful critter they are found to be housed in communal tanks. The Chilodus Punctatus feeds on anything as long as it is mixed with green foods such as lettuce and spinach. They prefer water conditions to be slightly acidy and of soft water, with a temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The female of the Chilodus Punctatus generally weigh more than their male counterpart. The fish are like the Characins in how they breed, although the eggs are brownish in colour. Around 200 eggs are laid by the fish, so the fry or offspring are difficult for them to nurture.

2. Lebiasinidae

Similar to the family of Characins, the Lebiasinidae has a lower jaw line without any teeth. This originates in South America and are some of the prettiest fish to habitat any tank water. The body is extended and its common name is the Pencilfishes. This Lebiasinidae is methodically found under a classification to its relatives, as being one of the most disorderly fish to be found in tank water. The name of this fish is located in the Genus specimen, which mentions that it changes colour patterns regularly.

The Golden Pencilfish or the Beckford’s Pencilfish are the common name for the Nannostomus Beckfordi. This fish originates from British Guiana and the Amazon Basin. The Nannostomus Beckfordi grow to a size of 1 3/4 inches with an extended body. Being of golden brown tints there are black stripes running from top to bottom that have edgy gold or red patterns. During the night the fish changes colour. Another peaceful specie, it is ideally placed in communal tanks, of reasonably soft waters by nature, although can tolerate some relatively hard water. Water conditions should be neutral to slightly acid and the temperature kept at a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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