10 Tips to Home Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater fish can introduce you to the fascinating underwater world in which they live. There are some important facts to know when it comes to caring for fish and these 10 tips to home freshwater aquarium will explain those facts.

Tip number one: Before you bring home any new fish, make sure you have a quarantine tank in place to put those new fish. You do not want to add them to your regular aquarium right away in case the new fish are sick with disease or parasite. One sick fish can make all the fish sick. So until you know the new fish is healthy or not, keep it separate. For the quarantine tank, you need water from your main tank and some of the same items you use in the main tank like a filtration system etc. Keep an eye on the new fish for about fourteen days. If all is clear after the waiting period you can add the fish.

Tip number two: Be prepared in the event of an emergency. If the electricity goes out in your home, it may be an inconvenience for most people, but for fish, it can kill them if the outage lasts too long. For short power outages, the fish will be fine, but if the power is off for a day, you need a backup to keep oxygen in the water. Buy an air pump that runs on batteries. This will keep your fish from oxygen deprivation.

Tip number three: Do not allow young children to handle heavy ornamental objects if allowing them to help decorate the tank. They can drop the item and crack the glass.

Tip number four: How to care for your fish while you are gone on vacation. If you cannot find someone to watch your fish, fish can do without food for some days though it is not good to make them do without on a regular basis. The best way is to ask a friend or relative to care for the fish or hire a pet sitter. Before you leave, measure out the amount of fish food for each day you will be gone and mark it for the sitter as many people have a tendency to give fish too much food.

Tip number five: Indoor cats love to sleep on the lighting covers of aquariums. It gives them a warm place to nap. Keep an eye on pets around a tank.

Tip number six: If you are not sure what looks good in an aquarium, search aquarium hobbyist magazines to get ideas.

Tip number seven: Larger aquariums are actually easier to take care of than smaller ones.

Tip number eight: Do not use anything in spray cans near your aquarium. If any of the spray gets into the tank, it can harm the fish.

Tip number nine: Pencil in regular aquarium cleaning on your calendar so you won’t forget.

Tip number ten: Keep fish reference materials on hand in case you have a problem with your fish. You will be able to find answers to problems right at your fingertips.

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