10 Gallon Fish Tank

Fish tanks come in all shapes in sizes, finding the right one comes down to what you want to stock. Looking to hold a couple of goldfish or a large school of tropical fish? A 10 gallon fish tank is only going to be suitable for a small handful of tropical fish or 1-2 goldfish (possibly only one if full grown), so bare that in mind. Most beginners make the mistake over over filling their aquariums which unbalances their environment with too much waste.

A 10 gallon fish tank will come in two options, glass or acrylic (plastic). A glass tank can be easily smashed, not recommended if small children have access. Acrylic fish tanks are prone to scratches, which will effect your view over time.

Bigger tanks are actually require less upkeep, surprisingly. The thing is with smaller bodies of water, the chemical levels can change dramatically very quickly (PH level, ammonia level). Larger tanks are more forgiving because the changes happen over a longer period of time, which means you don’t have to be as strict monitoring.

Even simple goldfish can be a trouble to maintain, you would think a fish tank would be a piece of cake compared to some other pets, but this is a misconception. In fact, goldfish are extremely messy compared to other species of fish. They have a tendency to aggressive attack plants and create massive quantities of waste (which will effect the ammonia levels because of decay). It’s vital to have a basic understanding of the nitrogen cycle when you are a fish tank aquarium owner.

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http://fishtankaquariumbeginners.blogspot.com/2009/08/10-gallon-fish-tank.html”>10 gallon fish tanks available online, a smaller tank is definitely a good starter pack for your new pet interest. Fish tank aquariums are very rewarding, nothing beats the glow of a tropical fish tank when the lights are turned down at night.

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