10 Best Fish Tank Tips

Feeling inspired from your trip to the local aquarium? Why not start one of your very own! Here are some easy steps for beginners to get started on their very own underwater paradise:

1. Figure out where the fish tank would be kept in your home. Make sure the location you choose is close to an electrical outlet.

2. Having a big ambition isn’t a bad thing but if you’re a beginner, you should start with something small and manageable. Not only will this save you some money when it comes to getting the necessary equipments but it will also give you a good sense of how the aquarium works. Aim for tank size that is between 10 to 20 gallon.

3. If you haven’t noticed already, fish tanks come in many shapes. Hobbyists usually prefer the long rectangular shape as they tend to look bigger than their actual sizes. Think again about where your fish tank will be placed and choose a shape that you like and works with the space.

4. Consider the material that the tanks are made from. Do you want plate glass that’s heavy but easy to replace or an acrylic tank that may scratch easily but come in one solid piece. This is also a good time to consider if you would be getting a stand for your tank. Tank stands should be sturdy and water resistant.

5. Most tanks should come with a cover, but make sure it come with a hood or a cover to prevent your fish from jumping outside for a daring escape, unfortunately, they never get too far…

6. Pick up a light source for your fish tank, you never want your fish tank by the sun light as they tend to encourage the overgrowth of algae. Fluorescent lights are recommended as they produce relatively little heat and are energy efficient.

7. Do you plan to clean the fish tank on a weekly basis? If not, pick up a filter kit for your tank as this would pick up impurities in the water and keep your fish happy and healthy.

8. Add some gravel to your tank. This not only makes your tank look nice, it helps to keep the plants in place. If you are planning to get a tropical fish, using darker colored gravel will bring out their colors quite nicely.

9. Get plants for your tank. It can be either plastic or the real thing but they provide hiding places for your fish as well as improve your tank’s appearance. Plastic plants are recommended for beginners as they require significantly less care than their organic counterpart.

10. Do your research, every fish has their own unique needs. If you are planning on getting tropical fish for instance, they need to be kept at a certain temperature. Are the fish food you are grabbing intended for the fish you have at home? Do they play well with other kinds of fish? Consider all these questions and know exactly what it takes to maintain a happy school of fish.

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